Midwest Ultrasonic is a multi-generational family business. The Principals are Kermit Engh and Audra Gude. Kermit, who is the owner and founder of numerous companies in the Omaha metro, including Fashion Cleaners, Omaha Lace Cleaners, FRSTeam by Fashion Cleaners, Methods for Management and Bennington Pines. Audra has been a principal in FRSTeam by Fashion Cleaners since 2008, overseeing operations in a 5 state region.

Midwest Ultrasonic was founded by Kermit Engh and Audra Gude as an extension to their restoration company. The technology that they have become experts in to restore items from fire, water and mold losses can also benefit our Omaha community in their day-to-day lives. Kermit and Audra look forward to providing safe deep cleaning power to residents across the metro area.

One special service Midwest Ultrasonic offers, is blind cleaning. Using ultrasonic cleaning methods, even honeycomb shades can be restored to their original beauty.